Chambers of Light ~ The Halls of Amenti

The New Divine Humanity

The Creator Gods, The Divine Council of Overseers, initiate Light Frequency shifts WITHIN and regulate, the GRAND Consciousness shifts.

This is not random. YOU are Known through your Blueprint. Your Soul as its Unique Frequency. You and Your Twin Flame, as holding the same Soul Frequency.

The Chambers of Light, as DEEP within consciousness, deep within the Earth. Are initiation Chambers that exist as states and Levels of Light. Light as Divine Frequency and Vibration.

ALL is Light Now. Even that which appears solid.

When held deeply within this LIGHT through your Blueprint, you Initiated. Awakening to the more of YOU.

The LIGHT you as your Original Light.

As old memories clear, new levels of Light are Activated, allowing the expansion of consciousness to be filled with Memories of the Eternal Light YOU.

Memories serve as detachment processes; SHEDDING the old so that the NEW IS BORN.

Existing eternally as…

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Archangel Michael via Leslie Anne Menzies, May 23d, 2017

Source: Archangel Michael via Leslie Anne Menzies, May 23d, 2017     The influx of the Holy Spirit is upon us! Some experiences are so magical and beautiful that it's hard to describe... You just brace yourself while you EM-brace the experience with an open heart and ultimate faith. What a joyous achievement we have … Continue reading Archangel Michael via Leslie Anne Menzies, May 23d, 2017

Bucket List : Dublin, Ireland

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The quote 'Nothing stays the same' is making sense more than ever right now. We are discovering the Earth in a New way where nothing really makes sense until you release all the burdens and Keep only what is true. Exciting miracles await; trust!∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Words of Wisdom : Manna Delight

Manna Delight has such profound insights when it comes to spiritual pursuits. Here's a dose of truth.  She is too a Blue Ray Angelic Twin Flame and specializes in clearing and channeled messages. The way she explains the current events resonate so much with me and confirm what I've already been sensing... Like for instance, … Continue reading Words of Wisdom : Manna Delight

Now providing Numerology Readings!

Looking for more guidance? Get your own personal messages directly based from your full name and birthday! I can calculate your numbers and provide a full numerology report, and also tarot readings as an extra BONUS! After you purchase a Numerology Report from me, you will more clearly understand: Your ideal career and true life … Continue reading Now providing Numerology Readings!

What is Reiki?

1 year Anniversary of Blog! Today I updated my page: 'What is Reiki?' I noticed that myself and individuals are naturally led to the interest in Reiki, whether by a friend, by an internal compasss, and by synchronicity. Now that you have stumbled upon these words, I recommend reading this to take a further look into Reiki...

Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: Time: From Separation to Oneness

What an inspiring message from Master Kuthumi bringing us some more hope in knowing that we are not alone! We are loved and cherished equally by God, because God is truth, compassion, and in everything!


I greet you with a deep respect and warmth. Times are changing and the energies of Ascension are heightening across the globe. There are many deaths, tragedies and events that are rocking the foundations of what people think they know and what they hold to be true. There are also many untruths continuing to be revealed that have shocked humans to the core. Deep-seated beliefs are being shaken and brought into question and this is not without reason; change for the better could not happen if one were to go through a whole lifetime without being asked to question one’s own truth. As much as one may wish to remain accepting of what one has always believed, it is not in the best interests of Ascension for humans to remain blindly faithful to beliefs when divine oneness and access to divine wisdom are so readily available.

All humans are part…

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