You weren’t born to just pay the bills and die!

When I was introduced to the World Ventures travel club in 2014 I was open minded and willing to take a look. I was skeptical and doubted the potential this could bless me with. All throughout college I was searching for something fulfilling regarding worldwide travel but didn’t understand exactly what the Universe had just offered me. Well, it took 2 years later in January 2016, for me to finally develop the ambition, confidence, and realization that this concept is 100% possible for anyone and is designed to help people drastically save more time and more money. It was a no-brainer for me!

There are many travel agencies out there who don’t care about the overall experience you invest in when you travel with their company.  Timeshares utilize the same establishment continuously, requiring an outrageous monthly fee regardless if one is living there throughout the year.  “Some people were lead to believe that it was an investment, when in actuality a timeshare is really just a pre-paid vacation”(Blog.redweek)  How come there is a contract for something you are not even investing towards? Their rental fees and maintenance are paid for by loyal consumers who simply want to experience the luxuries even though there are many restrictions from enjoying the location at any given time.  And travel agencies buy and sell at the most expensive rate and boost up the taxes and payment to receive profit, and in turn the customers are not guarenteed a luxurious experience at their ideal destination.

I do not work for a travel agency or company seeking a means to an end by exerting their power and connections throughout their organization, but I work for a travel CLUB that provides incentives and commission dollar for dollar for members every time they not only book travel and flights, but when they refer other members ! The club also rewards you in travel points towards your next vacation every single time you dine and shop online at participating affiliates, like Home Depot, Dillard’s, Macy’s, and 1000’s more! When you shop at your favorite places, this company gives BACK commission just for being a member! Fair indeed!

Isn’t it time you receive more recognition for being a valued consumer? Here’s a way to travel with friends and family and earn money for living your life.

My Dream Team! 

(From left: Vique Freer, Brian Brown, Meela Bilal, Haki Coats)