Words of Wisdom : Manna Delight

Manna Delight has such profound insights when it comes to spiritual pursuits. Here's a dose of truth.  She is too a Blue Ray Angelic Twin Flame and specializes in clearing and channeled messages. The way she explains the current events resonate so much with me and confirm what I've already been sensing... Like for instance, … Continue reading Words of Wisdom : Manna Delight


I JUST met a medium! 

This sky blue day started off hopeful as I prayed to my guardian angel to help guide me and align me with my soul tribe and help my desires and goals come true! He really does answer my prayers!  This new year is a time of transformation of not only  ourselves and our circumstances but … Continue reading I JUST met a medium! 

I am the Divine Feminine and I am shifting the planet! 

Manifesting miracles is what's happening lately. Thank you Thank you  God!  The power and art of manifestation has intrigued me and challenged me.  I can visualize something perfectly and be introspective to seek the end result. This is the Divine Feminine - which is the births the life force energy - dominating me my entire … Continue reading I am the Divine Feminine and I am shifting the planet!