There are no accidents, only our free will and synchronicity!  You were led here for a pre-determined reason and you will soon discover something new or familiar you were destined to understand…

Reiki is a spiritual system used for self-healing, for healing other people, and for spiritual development.
                               Rei-Spiritual, or Soul   Ki– energy (life force),
also similiar to Prana, Chi. Therefore, the Japanese meaning of the word “Reiki” is “spiritual soul energy.”

Reiki is much more than just a healing system; it is also used to develop spiritual awareness, which will help you to live a happy life!  We can use Reiki methods to access, cultivate, and utilize spirituality, to allow every human being to discover their true self, regardless of culture, color, creed, or religion.  This is known as self-realization, and it is the first moment of discovery, when one understands who one truly is.  This self-realization or enlightenment gradually grows in a person like a beautiful and delicate sprouting flower, and the light is reflected through that person’s heart, to be shared with the world.  This is about peace and cutting the cord of ignorance so that spiritual truth and love can be felt in their pure, formless essence.  This was the fundamental teaching of Mikao Usui.

I hope we can connect for the highest well-being of all to produce a healthier and more spiritual you, through the power of Usui & Kundalini Reiki! This healing modality will relieve you of stress, tensions, and pain to get you back on your feet and ready to conquer anything standing in your way.

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