There are no accidents, only our free will and synchronicity!  You were led here for a pre-determined reason and you will soon discover something new or familiar you were destined to understand…

Reiki is a spiritual system used for self-healing, for healing other people, and for spiritual development.
                               Rei-Spiritual, or Soul   Ki– energy (life force),
also similiar to Prana, Chi. Therefore, the Japanese meaning of the word “Reiki” is “spiritual soul energy.”

Reiki is much more than just a healing system; it is also used to develop spiritual awareness, which will help you to live a happy life!  We can use Reiki methods to access, cultivate, and utilize spirituality, to allow every human being to discover their true self, regardless of culture, color, creed, or religion.  This is known as self-realization, and it is the first moment of discovery, when one understands who one truly is.  This self-realization or enlightenment gradually grows in a person like a beautiful and delicate sprouting flower, and the light is reflected through that person’s heart, to be shared with the world.  This is about peace and cutting the cord of ignorance so that spiritual truth and love can be felt in their pure, formless essence.  This was the fundamental teaching of Mikao Usui.

Mikao Usui
Very little is known about the nature and origins of this spiritual energy. What we do know is that Usui Reiki it was brought into the wider world via the hard work, focus, and open heart of Mikao Usui. Thus, ALL  types of traditional and nontraditional Reiki must ultimately lead back to the founder, Mikao Usui.  Usui was a Buddhist who lived at a time when Buddhism and Shintoism were practiced side by side.  He also practiced and studied many different mystical arts, as well as martial arts and a system for cultivating and mastering energy, called, “kiko.”  Usui is said to have studied Buddhist sutras (discourses by Buddha), which led him to his spiritual experiences and the awakening of Reiki. Some of the mantras in the system of Reiki are Japanese Buddhist and Shinto in origin. Some are also in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, more than 2,000 years old.  We can therefore say that beyond Usui, the Reiki, or “spiritual energy,” the streams back as far as Buddha, Shinto gods, early Indian mystics, and the very source of life itself!

Ascended Master Kuthumi
Another fundamental part of my Reiki healing is Kundalini Reiki and I channel this divine serpant energy thru Ascended Master Kuthumi. “An awakened Kundalini supports your root chakra and the strengthening of your Kundalini energy and spiritual expansion. Brought to humanity by Ascended Master Kuthumi, Kundalini Reiki is pure energy.”
“Lord Kuthumi is the Chohan or Master of the 2nd Ray, which is known as the Ray of Divine Love and Wisdom. This ray also governs truth and understanding. Kuthumi brings the teachings of the Golden Age psychology, and is known as ‘The Master Psychologist’.  Lord Kuthumi is a member of the ‘Brotherhood of the Golden Robe’; those who take on the pain of the world. Lord Kuthumi attempts to transform the current dogmatic thinking of some religious faiths into the concept of unconditional love.

Many of Earth’s mysteries which have long been a source of curiosity to mankind will be clarified through Kuthumi’s spiritual manifestation. This is due in part to the shift in mass consciousness, which also has its effect on all life Universally.

Lord Kuthumi comes to those who seek knowledge and is influencing our consciousness at this time during our evolution. Kuthumi is teaching and guiding us to manifest our soul’s desires and true wishes into our lives, and encouraging us to love our lives and live them to their fullest potential, with love, light and joy. Lord Kuthumi helps us to raise our vibrational rate and helps us to bring forth our own Divine light.

The Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi assists with focus and concentration, and encourages dedication to our life purpose and soul missions. Lord Kuthumi helps us to work through the emotional and spiritual conditions that hold us back from fulfilling our full potentials, and teaches us how to overcome the ego and stay focused upon our purposes, principles and true selves. Lord Kuthumi encourages steady focus and a willingness for higher truths.

Lord Kuthumi oversees and assists with the work of teachers, students, researchers, architects, designers, ambassadors and artists of all kinds. Invoke Lord Kuthumi if you wish to be able to impart truth and understanding to others. You can also ask for more tact and foresight, intuition, wisdom and the ability to learn and absorb information.  In past incarnations, Lord Kuthumi was Pythagoras who brought in sacred geometry and the music of the spheres. Lord Kuthumi was also Saint Francis and the wise man Balthazat, Shah Jahan who had the Taj Mahal built, and John the Divine amongst others.  Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi has a special place in the etheric of planet Earth and you can ask to visit his temple during mediation or sleep. Lord Kuthumi has his etheric retreat over Machu Picchu.

A typical IN-person Reiki treatment
Certified Practitioners such as myself do not need to intervene with the channeling of Reiki, because once attuned to the channeling and pillars of Reiki, the intention of goodness and purity allows it to automatically flow through my open energy channels.

When I treat a patient IN-person, I place my hands in specific hand positions guided by the natural energy.  (I let my hands and intuition take the lead and follow their call.)

A typical Distance Reiki treatment
I use the same principles and energy flow as the IN-person treatment; however, I use even more powerful distance mechanisms, like colorful visualizations and loving intent. I can see your picture, write down your name and focus on the words, or connect with your higher self as I send healing on any part of the globe. The beauty of Reiki goes far beyond the limitations of time and space, which is why it is absolutely possible to receive my healing no matter your location.  I recommend the individual to be in a quiet and calm place, lay down in a comfortable position, and simply breathe deeply as the energy I am sending is felt circulating across the body.

Now you can access, cultivate, and utilize the energy from within, I like to call it your “flame” of passion and compassion!  This will facilitate intense growth you have been seeking, encouraging you to return and remain on the golden path of love, light, healing, and self-knowledge.


I hope we can connect for the highest well-being of all to produce a healthier and more spiritual you, through the power of Usui & Kundalini Reiki! This healing modality will relieve you of stress, tensions, and pain to get you back on your feet and ready to conquer anything standing in your way.