What is Reiki?

1 year Anniversary of Blog! Today I updated my page: 'What is Reiki?' I noticed that myself and individuals are naturally led to the interest in Reiki, whether by a friend, by an internal compasss, and by synchronicity. Now that you have stumbled upon these words, I recommend reading this to take a further look into Reiki...

Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: Time: From Separation to Oneness

What an inspiring message from Master Kuthumi bringing us some more hope in knowing that we are not alone! We are loved and cherished equally by God, because God is truth, compassion, and in everything!


I greet you with a deep respect and warmth. Times are changing and the energies of Ascension are heightening across the globe. There are many deaths, tragedies and events that are rocking the foundations of what people think they know and what they hold to be true. There are also many untruths continuing to be revealed that have shocked humans to the core. Deep-seated beliefs are being shaken and brought into question and this is not without reason; change for the better could not happen if one were to go through a whole lifetime without being asked to question one’s own truth. As much as one may wish to remain accepting of what one has always believed, it is not in the best interests of Ascension for humans to remain blindly faithful to beliefs when divine oneness and access to divine wisdom are so readily available.

All humans are part…

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We are raising the bar on how to EARN & SAVE $$ with luxury travel! 

I am amazed at how the company I am involved in and SUPER excited to be growing with is ranking one of the top Travel Networking companies companies in the world! The numbers and the facts speak for itself! It's astonishing how rewarding this can be for entrepreneurs who can share their ideas while sharing … Continue reading We are raising the bar on how to EARN & SAVE $$ with luxury travel! 

Take CONTROL of the atmosphere! 

Watch "MuteMath - Control" on YouTube "such a beautiful surrender" https://youtu.be/FTi89c3ePlw This brings me back to when I was 16, playing this song after school. I knew what surrender was. I wasn't  attached to anything. I just wanted to be Me and express my hidden desires trapped under a  3 dimensional, closed off, suffocating blanket … Continue reading Take CONTROL of the atmosphere! 

Watch “Health Benefits Of Vacation” on YouTube

Doesn't there seem to never be ENOUGH time, energy, or money when going places? Does the thought of planning and going on your dream vacation seem exhausting and impossible? Well, that's all a misconception! I found out that there is a better way to travel affordably and experience more luxury to worldwide destinations! Think of … Continue reading Watch “Health Benefits Of Vacation” on YouTube

Unity Vow

I was led back to her blog. I immediately felt my energy lift as I finished reading this post. I highly recommend Lisa Renee for learning more about our current events in these energetic shifts and also understanding unification with others and within. She is a wise, leading mentor in the spiritual pioneers community. Here … Continue reading Unity Vow

The Divine Ascended Being Activation ~ Every 11 ~ 33 minutes After each Hour

Happy EASTER! May everyone reading this be open to the magic and bliss that this Easter provides! It’s a new day, a new season, a new way way, to live in harmony!

The New Divine Humanity


The Blue Avians are with us during the HOURLY Divine Ascended Being Activation.

They are Actively ~ Activating your Ascension!  With the Divine Council of Overseers.

This post is about the Hourly Activation and the Changes on Planet Earth and Humanity, as it returns to its original Pure Being, its Ascended Self. For many years as a spiritual Teacher, 2001 onwards, I have appeared to many in my Light Form offering Healing and Love to those in need. Many have accessed my energy for healing, and for advancement along their spiritual journey. So although this post is about the new Hourly Activation, please also know, you can connect to my energy at any time of the day or night. Please share with others if you have experienced my appearing to you, in Light form, so that they too, can call upon my Eternal Light, for help.

Since 2012 the…

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New Levels Activated ~ Initiation is under Way Now

The New Divine Humanity

The Divine Council of Overseers are activating Higher Frequencies unheard of to you in Human Form, now.

The Frequency sound is audible to your Light Body. Your response is through your DNA.

This initiation is downloading through your Blueprint as you read.

You have agreed to this before incarnating. Where you exist not in time.

Your Light Body is eternal it is your true vehicle that never ends.

Your body is transforming as it merges with your Light Body.

What feels read now will be even more real in the worlds and dimensions of Light.

This unification is part of your descent and ascension.

The journey of your Soul as Light.

Your Dimension is rapidly changing. All the news you hear is all part of the shift. As the birthing is soon complete for you who are the first wave.

You know within you ~ your transformation, or not.


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DIAMOND SOUL CODES – Song of the Soul in the Language of Light – Union of Higher Self, I AM, Soul, Twin Flames – * DIAMANT-SEELENCODES- Lied der Seele in Klang-Lichtsprache – Vereint Höheres Selbst, Seele, Dual-Seele

Kyria Aluéla Lumina - Priestess Melchizedekia - Kyria Mystica - The Vocal Alchemist

Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutsch  unten (oder mit Chrome findet man den Übersetzungsknopf): 
“These SOUL CODES are Sound and Light-Language messages from your Soul and Source that trigger an alchemical change in you on many levels: mental, emotional, physical-cellular and reconnect many more DNA strands. This awakens you more fully to your true self and multi-dimensionality.” 

The above picture shows the “SRI YANTRA” as the heavenly creation of form through sound. Sri Yantra is the SACRED GEOMETRY Pattern of the Sound of OM.


You are sound and light, as sound created form.

Sound created all there is

Your Soul has a Sound to identify you.

This SOUL CODE Blueprint makes you a unique creation from source. 

You will come to know the Divine through sound. The kingdom of heaven is within you. Only there lies the eternal treasure…

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