1. Numbers fascinate me! They constantly surround us because we depend on them for their power and truth. Hidden knowledge in numbers and patterns lie in our birth day and name; ever since the human race discovered the number system, numbers have been a deepening discovery into metaphysics and natural divine law. I have tools and the experience with deciphering the numbers and information they contain based on birth days and names.

Based directly from your name and birthday, I can provide intuitive in-depth descriptions and channeled messages for the true path your soul wishes to achieve; your destined Career Path; how your personality traits affect your choices/ how others see you; and short term goals to focus on every 3 months.
I make it fun and simple to understand, and I provide clear descriptions of each interpreted number that you can refer to.

After you purchase a Numerology Report from me, you will more clearly understand:

  • Your ideal career and true life path direction
  • The strengths of your personality
  • What your soul is seeking and how to follow your Golden Path
  • The main focus of each quarterly time period throughout the year
  • Your natural gifts and abilities
  • Karmic cycles and challenges

**Also, as an exciting Bonus, I can incorporate insights from tarot cards and oracle cards as extra messages for the aspects of your special numerology report.

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