Believe it! You don’t have to go to an M.D. or a facility to be a more healthier you.

There is no coincidence. Only synchronicity. 

Maybe one day we can talk about our journey’s and revel in the beauty of it all.


I would like to briefly share some things about why I’m at this point:
At age 18 when I was in a very fast paced and confusing time in my life, my spirituality was cultivating and re-emerging under the surface.  The addictions and distractions pulled me away from my faith, however, it was still there, buried like a seed in the soil, ready to thrive in divine timing.  A year later I studied Business Management & Entrepreneurship as a freshman in college.  I always wanted to work for myself and be able to travel all over the world. The university environment was exactly what I was seeking and I enjoyed it in the beginning.  But the draining environments and my disillusioned mentality ended up blocking my need to deepen my connection to God and my higher self.  I didn’t know why I was here, what I was supposed to do and how to do it.  I was stuck in my own cage, wanting to know exactly what it was I wanted yet so confused on how to truly follow my passions and make a difference in the world.  I could feel deep inside the need to know more about the call I was hearing. So in the end of 2014, I committed fully to my heart’s call by breaking my own barriers, rising above distorted societal programming, forming my own discipline through failures and successes, and fully living my divine path of natural organic healing through the power of unconditional love.  I don’t think one can ever be a Master of anything; however, I do believe our souls are leading each other towards the path of self-mastery.  I truly believe everyone can be restored to their fullest being while living a fulfilling life, if they intend to do so, because in reality, we are all connected. We have an ocean of hidden wisdom and endless passion inside of us just waiting for us to uncover and express it into this world through our unique droplets of creativity & authenticity. I can provide the right healing for myself, and it’s my mission to help heal others heal themselves to return to bliss!  We can walk on the Golden Path to enlightenment when we are ready.  I believe in the One true God creator of heaven and Earth, The Son of God, and The Holy Spirit!