Me and false light

About 2 years ago is when I noticed the extent of how false light can continue to keep going and going until someone says enough! First it was online and then in my surroundings. There was something in me that didn’t feel right, like a sickness coming on, and I immediately became aware of who and what i was feeding my energy and time to, in all areas. I noticed false light and codependency pretty early on when i tuned in to online sources. I was waiting for that video, or hoping this would happen that week. It was needy. I would honestly have been embarrassed to reveal how codependent i was and this helped me ease from the habit. It hasn’t been easy for me lol! There are very few, very limited amount of TF channels i connect to. This also mirrors directly to asking others in my environment subjective/ opinionated questions like “what do you think of this, or that?” not out of curiosity but for direction and comparison to determine my next move, as if my own guidance wasn’t the truest for me. As I listen to my inner guidance and i feel into my own healing, the attachments and soul groups continually fade out of my vibration. I question myself all the time, how do I control and temper this [situation] with truth love and strength? False light timing has been one of the very first distortions i got sucked into and had to collapse on the journey. It’s tempting to want to know what will happen. But the time is now! It’s helped me step more into my power to create MY reality so I can work with the flow of energies that I personally feel. And this has helped me to see past the illusions that will only block and slow down the natural flow. The false light does not enforce fairness and discipline, but rather to skip the digging deep and just piggy back off of others to fit in and hop on the bandwagon. It also feeds off of the opposite of love: fear. I was so scared of losing him or behind left behind, or not doing this because then THAT would happen. Fear of loss whilst doing something “spiritual” is still manipulation! The guru in me has been rather conscious of projecting on others. “let your words be wise” sums up how i share with others. I stop myself as soon as i try to explain my spiritual beliefs because i truly respect others free will and would wish for them to experience their own spiritual revelations as i have… it’s such an empowering feeling! Yet at times, I remind myself that we are equal and just because i am wise I am no better than anyone else. I see my own false light creeping in when i categorize others and compare my abilities with theirs. It has never felt right to think this, yet it is still a thought that lurks, like “hey I’m better than you, i have lots of wisdom that I can choose to tell you.” I have to push myself daily to want the best for everyone. When both of us are ready there will be a natural reciprocation. The false light gives no room for a natural unraveling of ones own discoveries; I can see, online and in everyday world, how we as humans want to be told everything is ok and not to worry because “this” is what’s REALLY happening. We want to be soothed. We want to hurry up, figure out, speed along, and pass all of the details; but it’s in the rest, the light and dark, the slowing down, the looking around, and the becoming still that bestows all of the answers we are seeking. it saddens me to see so many accepting others beliefs when it is our job as spiritual adults to discern and protect.

#RUaTrueTwinFlame #MeandCodependency #MeandFalseLight #FalseLight


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