Me and masking

I realize i tend to mask for the opposite sex because i don’t understand them like i do women or feminine energy. I masked for my father and how he had shunned responsibility as a father and a role model. It was something i accepted early on as a child and continued to push through and accept it as ok. i also masked for my ex and his abusive behaviors. I was in such denial that I put up with the cheating, narcissism, and his violent addictive behavioral patterns. i also masked with my twin when it came to not talking about what was really behind the surface for myself and for him. Ultimately I let these realities play out within the “false reality” i was the only one living in, like you had said. It comes down to my control and me not wanting the relationship to go in an unfamiliar direction which meant facing the truth in uncomfortable situations that needed to be confronted and closed immediately. #RUaTrueTwinFlame? #meandcodependency #masking


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