Not just a game… Challenge: Are you a true twin flame #RUatruetwinflame?

As Jen would say, DO THE WORK!

Only you know your motives and your truth, so don’t expect me to give you the answers you’re looking for.  There is so much confusion amongst the ethers regarding twin flames and honestly I don’t resonate with that label, although I completely understand the concept. Labels become tainted and abused and it’s time to change many connections we have to “things”. I set goals daily so I can break through my own glass ceilings and it continues. I embrace change fully! And I am fully ready to challenge myself  in a community of divine beings who value integrity, truth, self love, unconditional love, divine justice, discerning of spirits and raising the bar.

Jen from Twin Simplicity has created a challenge for the trail-blazers to take full responsibility to define the barrier clearly distinguishing the truth amongst the ‘false light’ so new templates of true divine counterparts can be upheld between these worlds to to lead the way in their sovereign power.


“This is about YOU and FOLLOWING the PROMPTS. This is NOT an OUT of BODY experience. This is about YOU in YOUR BODY, feeling the discomfort and knowing where the healing energy needs to go next. This is not about others, except where you allowed behavior to continue. This is not about “excuses” because of “this or that”. This is YOUR PERSONAL work. This is necessary work for HUMANITY. “



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