Current energies: Love grows through Love

Know that we are being assisted in the clearing from the past. There are individuals popping up into your world who are growing in spirituality that are also ascending and because of this they are experiencing lessons regarding their belief systems almost instantly after relating to you. We are remembering our goals and putting them into action, we are remembering more of who we really are, what we really want and desire.

The past is clearing faster as we actively feel the feelings and accept the actions, the help, the gifts we’ve given freely to others. It may bother you when you realize how much you have given away freely, only to feel devalued and unappreciated, with the gifts not being respected in the light you wanted it to be seen.  You may have thought you were unattached. Now, it is clear that there was still attachment, even if it was unnoticeable. Instead of keeping things intimately special you wanted so badly to not be lonely and to share these moments/ experiences/ gifts with others. Eventually, your acts became irrelevant wasted energy. you have learned that you don’t have to share the precious gems you hold and have worked so hard for. Other’s will make an effort to be a part of your sacred experiences. NO LONGER will you freely give.


You are great at giving. You are a giver! You love to give the best gifts because you know exactly what people want and need. It is you being who you are, as a gift! This is God working through you. It’s now time to harness this gift. it’s time to allow others to show you when they are ready. “Seek and you will find.”  Matthew 7 7:11.  When individuals are ready they will seek you. 

You don’t have to prove your love anymore. You don’t have to provide your love blindly because then you’ll be left feeling hurt, unheard, unappreciated. It’s like a tight rope: the middle is where you want to be, neither withholding your love nor proving your love. It is simply allowing others to show you when they are truly ready to receive you. This will protect you and prevent you from being used and attached to outcomes. You will know the people who choose to be a part of your radiant world. You will know. 

You have what people need: love.


You are a great seeker, going to others to find those pieces to make you whole again to bring you into your power. What do you do with your power? Most of it is given away! You give it away wanting to save everyone. We aren’t meant to save anyone. God is working through us by us just being who we are. We don’t have to force anything… we like to force and save people and match them up with exactly what they need when they aren’t ready. So we must harness our power, take a step back, and allow others to be committed to showing us they are ready. This reflects how we are with the Divine. GOD ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS IN THE BEST WAYS…. when we are ready. This is what we are working through right now. Balancing out the mirror between the connection to God and the connection between others, whomever it may be.

Those mirrors are merging into the reflection of the true essence.

As in a mirror

Everything is perfect just as it is right now. We are now allowing things to unfold.. feeling the feelings. What miracle! Diving  deep into the trenches then soaring… flying into the clouds… the phoenix rising from the ashes, being born anew.

As we continue to be reborn it’s significantly related to our commitment to this journey, through the dark nights and all. It becomes more graceful as we are committed. Once we deter from the path and are not spiritually committed, the lessons become painful. 

We have reached such a peak. We have so much love in our hearts as divine sensitive beings and that is where the true power lies. We are only given as much as we can handle. God knows our limits. When we acquire all these wisdom and insights and to then fall back into old realities, patterns, addictions and distorted ways of being, it’s rejecting God’s grace. WE HAVE ALL DONE IT. We are now assisting each other by committing even more to love, knowing that it’s never over. This is lifting each other out of the darkness as well.  This journey is a commitment. 

When we GROW more and more into LOVE we EVOLVE. 


When we take some steps back, we must immediately correct through certain choice points to get back on path . But when we consciously walk into patterns and situations knowing it’s not our truth, we are rejecting our self. This is a crucial lesson in the ascension process. It’s one of the first major lessons we learn: the lesson of rebellion. When we first awoke we were rebellious. We wanted to be in our own ways. we thought we could have both worlds. We cant! You either choose love or you don’t! 

That phrase we heard growing up, “You know better!” comes to mind. Yes! We know better. If we know better than we must live in that better world we know it exists. Every day we get more glimpses of the better world and we allow it to take form in whatever way it is.. not forcing it yet not rejecting it. WE KNOW BETTER!


We are at a growth spurt right now rapidly. We are growing through love. 

Remembering love; Loving ourselves; Loving others whether we agree with them or not; Loving others whether they hurt us our not; the love is deepening. We are capable of seeing through the eyes of Jesus Christ, seeing through the eyes of God, seeing through the eyes of love. Our eyes are opening more to see the truth in the situations. With loving eyes we become stronger in our dignity, while also seeing the dignity in others and accepting it. ACCEPTING THAT YOU DID THE BEST YOU COULD. Accepting YOUR truth. Living your life ! Knowing better !

Loving thyself is a huge theme right now.


Realize where you are right now. You are so amazing! LOVE every part of you. Nothing needs to happen. Right here and right now…Love yourself. 

Send thanks to everyone who has been a part of your journey back to love. Especially the Beloved, because they are the FINAL person who you will ever allow to pierce the wounds deeply, as profoundly necessary it has been. It’s a relief to know we hold the power now.

Thank you for being the light of God that is pure unconditional love shining through you. Thank you for seeing the beauty beyond appearances.
Thank you for nurturing those parts that needed to be held and loved once again.


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