Light Language Activation: Retrieving soul fragments

This is a highly auspicious form of healing from Source and is meant to bypass the chatter and doubt of the mind and directly affect your DNA and cells on a deep soul level. Sound vibrations are in every thing, every being, so your cells will automatically “hear” and respond to the intent of each frequency.

Today I was strongly guided to record this healing to help those on a similar path to therefore help others, but for some time I have been pulled to create light language activations to help ease through the intense energy shifts since the solar eclipse last August 2017…  When I was attuned to light language a few years ago it personally helped cleanse bits of karmic residue, childhood wounding, and sexual trauma from this life and others that I was unaware of.  This expedited the healing I needed by aligning me with the right people, places, and divine downloads God wanted me to experience. Like a healing from a certified reiki healer, your path will become clearer and graceful.  Listening to authentic LL from others could offer new forms of healing, So I invite you to listen with me…

LL must be done in a quiet space with no interruptions… sometimes your animals may want to join you; they seem to understand the language when I speak it to or around them.  NOTICE any physical sensations, FEEL your inner knowing, TRUST you are being healed, ALLOW your body to naturally just be. Namaste!


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