Savannah Dream Trip Come True: Taking the steps I’m guided to take

I didn’t choose computer #11 at the library, it chose me, and that makes me happy. I just returned from a 4 day trip to Savannah, Georgia, and the divine guided me the whole way through, from the time I booked it last year to the moment I returned home. It was magical! I retrieved many pieces on the journey. It was time for some things to be left and some to be gained as a soul.

I’m so beyond grateful for this golden opportunity that precludes many more amazing adventures I will take part in. This is my lifestyle and one of the paths I choose to live. No matter what detours, roadblocks, or distractions might happen, it is for the highest and greatest good and I trust in that.

I arrived at the Kimpton Hotel around 3pm. and relaxed in the courtyard for about 20 minutes until two ladies sat near me. They were so friendly and sweet, I reminded myself about how ‘I’m finally here’. One of the ladies mentioned the St. John the Baptist church, the biggest most historic church in Savannah which I had already planned on seeing months ago. She showed me pictures of how vast the church was, and this confirmed that yes, I am definitely on the right track. I went inside to check in to my room and then visited the welcome desk where Stephanie and the members met up.

The hotel was located right in front of Bryan street, the same spelling as my late uncle who passed away last August. There was an evening get together for the crew so I looked my best and strutted to the meeting room. I met two wonderful seasoned travelers, two best friends from new York who take vacations around the world, London, Spain, Sicily, while their husbands take lazy stay-cations in freezing NY city.

The main event was the next day when we boarded the riverboat, The Georgia Queen. And yes she was a Queen! We enjoyed a private lunch that was exclusively for us and also had a private demonstration from the chef himself where he cooked pan fried crab cakes for us. Mmm! We were pampered like royalty! As the boat began to cruise down the river, I made my way up to the decks and sat in the sun, taking everything in, the boats, the islands, the cool breeze, the smells. Why didn’t I eat that second crab cake?? I thought. Oh well. The river boat was returning back to shore, I looked at the clock 2:22pm.

Later on after I walked around the river area, I made it back to the hotel in time for cocktail hour and talked with some new found friends. “Some people can’t handle the truth”, I remember saying to him. “I will always tell people the truth,” Jeff said. “And that’s something to be proud of. However,” I told him, “people can only take so much from their perspective, so maybe gradually telling them what they are ready and willing to hear will keep them receptive rather than running away.” Jeff was very honest I could tell, but he scared people away because of how much he cared. Many people aren’t used to that. He shared some stories about his late brother, a salesman, ‘who could sell an anchor to a drowning man’. Seems like he could’ve had a better life if he had surrounded himself with healthier happier people, but he took the way he was most comfortable in; competing, lying, and chasing dollar signs. Jeff was a great brother and he told me this because he knew who his brother really was, despite the sickness and turmoil he endured. I was inspired again.

The hotel room was beyond fantastic! I fell asleep in the softest most luxurious bed ever! But later on, in the middle of the night, I heard rustling around in my room. It sounded like someone was by my pillow, and then near the bathroom, and then near my bed again. I opened my eye’s, no one was physically there. I looked right at the clock 4:44am. Then it immediately made sense.

The next day around brunch I rented the bike to tour the rest of downtown Savannah.. A couple was baby sitting the bikes in a rude kind of way, so I decided to accept the fact I’d be walking. Everything works out like it should. I took my map and headed out. Soon enough I was stunned by church bells. I looked up, and I saw the St. John the Baptist church. Divine timing at best! It was 11am and I approached the church with soaring twin spires and immaculate architecture. As I walked inside, I anointed myself with holy water and prayed in the front pews, over hearing the tour guide later explain the artistic details; the hand carved pieces of Jesus were created separately than the other carvings, and the stained glass window of Mother Mary by the alter was the only window to survive the fire that happened long ago. I continued to pray. There was a lady who announced that mass was starting soon and everyone either stay or leave. Of course, I wanted to stay in the Lord’s house. It was a scared moment indeed and I’ll leave it at that.

I went straight to Forsyth park and was guided to do angel card messages. I sat in the middle and watched the fountain, calling in the ones who’s aura vibrated with mine. “Are you a psychic?” she asked as I was shuffling my cards. “I’m an intuitive” I really don’t like labels and didn’t want to sound all cliche, but yes I am a psychic, and I knew she was going to ask me that! “How much do you charge?” she asked me. “It’s free,” I said. “Would you like an angel message?” she didn’t say anything, she grabbed her things from her bench and came over to me. Her name was Sandra. She was taking pictures and making palm roses for people in the park. I pulled a few cards for her and they were insightful. I asked her to pull a card . She looked at it for a second and jumped right up, and spoke of how in awe she was. “I’ll be right back,” she said as she went to take a picture for a group. “I am baffled right now by what this girl just showed me,” she told them. There in the park I met her friend, who I also saw in the cards was a good companion for her; they blended well together and were a good team, I could forsee that. We shared some moments, and I left learning more about myself and others. Just be you!

Union- United- 222

The bikes were back at the hotel when I returned for cocktail hour. I took it for a spin and brought my tambourine with me because I knew I’d be needing it. I biked along the shoppes at the river until I was distracted by the most beautiful booming angelic voice! I followed it and noticed 2 men by the river, praising the Lord, singing Gospel songs. This is some good stuff! They had just gotten off work as you could tell by their lanyards but man! They were so passionate and filled with joy. I listened to them and after they were done, I asked them, “You sound so amazing! I could hear you miles away! I’m so inspired. I have my tambourine here with me, can I join you?” They welcomed me into their circle and we sang and played gospel music for fun and with pure love! It was divine. I’ll leave it at that because God is great!

The night is not about to end! It felt great to ride around on a bike again. I didn’t want to go home. I noticed a Jazz cafe and rode by. Playing on the drums I saw a very familiar face.. is that who I think it is? I have to see! I went inside and sat by the bar. Yes, it is! The chances of that don’t apply but synchronicity does! It’s beyond bewildering how each step I took was another step towards co-creating with the universe.

What’s better than going on a 5 Star retreat to somewhere new and exploring the town and connecting with friends from around the world? Simple, walking on your Golden Path! See yourself crossing off your bucket list! See yourself being happy. See yourself living to the fullest. Align yourself with those who inspire you and motivate you to live big and you WILL be treated like the King and Queen you are.

This trip was so grand and epic that I am sharing this and remembering these moments for a later date.


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