January 2018 is more like this…

Sitting on a sofa… relaxing. And being ok with that. Out of all my family and friends, I relax the most . Maybe it’s because I work so hard and when I sweat I detoxify what I don’t need anymore so I can make more room for gains! Maybe I rest because I listen to my body that is my temple. Maybe I rest because we all need rest. And it doesn’t have to be only on one given day. The Sabbath is THE Sabbath. Yes! God rests as we do. It is ok to ponder on the past. The day is of rest and reflection . But to me it’s not just a rest on a weekday- it’s a rest after work.

What helps me fall back into an instinctual state of resting is ACCEPTING & LISTENING within those moments of rest, because I know that God is The Ultimate and everything will ultimately be ok. I thank God for that peaceful retreat into bliss so that I may know to understand to learn to work to fulfill to act to accomplish to reflect and to rest in what God’s will is. He knows exactly what work needs to be done, no matter if I’m in work mode or retreat mode. He IS ultimate. He takes care. For a very short time (that seems like a deep and lengthy dive into the unknown, the other dimensions) I allow my self to think about the self. And this is one of those moments that rest has brought me to: expressing my self even more. Thanks be to God!


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