Like a tattoo

This year is almost over and i want you to look back, for a moment, of how much you have become. Im going to write down all the blessings in my life given to me this year. What intentions were brought into life? Be proud of all you set out to accomplish and acheive! Thank your self for intiating your self. Be your own best friend that doesn’t want to change you but support you and your greatness… 

I wish i could remember all of the wonderful (full of wonder) moments that happened this year. All of God’s miracles.  All of my manifestations. I wish i could remember the ideas I had that came from me and then left me. They floated away. I wish i could’ve remembered all of my dreams that could’ve came true when i woke up and had the chance. I wish i could remember only good things.  Now it seems like I only remember what needs to stay, for some reason some stay. Like yesterday, when the firework went off at the right time.  Or today when I woke up crying because of how painful the nightmare felt. Then woke up again smiling at how blissful the dream felt. Or the feathers as heavenly reminders. Or the sounds of nature that spark me. Is time moving fast or am I? Maybe the present moment is the only way to remember. 

So long 2017! Thank you for all that I can remember. I’m glad of the things I can keep and hold on to forever! đŸ’•


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