Converted to Christianity:  Why the “New Age” movement is a distraction

It pains me to see all of these intelligent “spiritual” individuals creating these movements based on these false mindsets about Jesus, discrediting Him and His glory but crediting us as humans and our power as sovereign beings. Then there are others out there who refuse to even accept Jesus as Lord. There is a huge wake up call to these people. All roads eventually lead to Jesus, the Way. 

I am blessed with the gift of discernment, as many of us are, so be aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing; they seem wise and caring but they are not of light, and will only cause pain rather than help. They are working for a force that wants to devour your soul and minimize your faith,  pushing you away from God, our heavenly Father. 
I was led just now to research the ‘New Age movement and Christianity’ because of how much this has upset me since I was awakened. Deep down, I know throughout the spiritual community there are those that are lost, just as much as those not in the spiritual community. I know who my Father is! And this is an ongoing battle between the light and the dark. Use your gifts of discernment and your intuition so the Holy Spirit may show you who to work with and who to trust.

Here is the article I was led to. I’m sure you’ve seen the Spirit science articles and videos on YouTube which talk about new age philosophy and ancient history . A few years ago when my spiritual awakening started, I watched these entertaining videos because of how fast I was growing at a spiritual rate, I wanted to learn about everything! I gained knowledge about what felt relevant to my values, but thank God and hallelujah, I lost interest, and I was still faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is why Stephen Bancarz converted to Christianity.

  “In case you haven’t seen it, here is my testimony summarizing my journey through the New Age movement to Jesus Christ”


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