The Divine Spark That Burns within Your Heart

As i was led to research more about sacred love, I found an insightful website that resonates with my soul. There were times i was led to this website through other sources but this time i was specifically led here.This particular article is a confirmation that I am on my Golden Path.  The 3 fold flame, Sanat Kumara, the Holy Trinity are leading the wayshowers on the path of unconditional love for the planet, which is calling for ascension out of the pit of the matrix. This journey is not easy but as it unfolds we are reminded that we have a deep calling,  a worthwhile mission, and it is truly a blessing! And if you are reading this now, know that you are surrounded by such powerful loving beings because you ARE a powerful masterful being!


Source: Summit Lighthouse

The Divine Spark That Burns within Your Heart

This flame that burns within your heart (one-sixteenth of an inch in height) is the divine spark, the potential of your divinity. It is the gift of Life of the Creator to the creation. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son…”

The consciousness of the Son is centered in the flame, which is thus called “the Holy Christ Flame.” This Trinity of God’s sacred fire focuses the primary attributes of Power, Wisdom, and Love—his bestowal, flame of his very Flame, to every son and daughter.

Truly this threefold flame is the tri-partite Light which lighteth every man and woman of God that cometh into the world.

This is the individualization of the God flame whereby the Word is “made flesh” in you and whereby you behold the glory of the Lord of all within your members.

The flame that burns within your heart is the seat of cosmic consciousness, the ensign of the son or daughter of God. It is your link to Reality, to Being, and to Life eternal. It is the anointing by the Real Self of all souls who choose to keep the standard of the Law of the One.

For the original Keepers of the Flame who came with Sanat Kumara it was the supreme joy of their service to fan freedom’s fires in the hearts of earth’s wayward children—to woo them back to their First Love…. 

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2 thoughts on “The Divine Spark That Burns within Your Heart

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    Sanat Kumara held within His great Heart, the hearts of all Life upon Earth for untold centuries. The Three-fold Flame, Blue (male/Father, power, will and strength of God), Yellow (The Christ Child or Consciousness; Illumination, Wisdom, and; Pink (female/Mother) unconditional Love, makes up the true Holy Trinity. Upon balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine within, you open your High Heart Center to receive Divine Illumination or Christ Consciousness. The Christ is reborn in each Keeper of the Flame.

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