Minus the bear – the pig war

How have I not fully gave this song a chance after a decade?? Shame on me. I wish I could explain exactly what I’m thinking right now.  Thanks to a friend whom i am in tune with spiritually,  she mentioned her realization that I’m also having, (we are usually in sync  with these many energy shifts and concurrently receiving similar downloads from the higher dimensions  !) She described it as “light tracing”. I’m so glad she came up with this, and put it into a phrase. What i’m sharing right now is a prime example of what i’ve felt so many times.

I’m following my trails of light. I am “light tracing” . Many Earth angels are familiar with these energies which have hovered around them since birth; they have significant meaning and deep love designed to return to the soul and bring in joy.  Therefore they are sacred. They consist of connections to songs, places, feelings, memories,  objects,  seasons, thoughts…

And sometimes I immediately grasped onto them with passion, integrating them into my life, knowing they were great for my soul, and incorporating them into my authenticity. The pure knowing they are mine,a part of my soul, was simply understood! And other times, I dismissed them, I didn’t give them recognition or a second thought, although it resonated with my souls core.  Maybe it’s because i wasn’t ready to understand the full meaning of the experience at the initial meeting.  Or maybe it’s because the meaning wasn’t yet something I could piece together in my life.  But the pieces were always mine, whether I accepted it or not.  And this song, for instance,  is an experience that I recognised multiple times,  but until tonite, while I was creating art in a receptive mindset, I allowed the song to play… so naturally without actually forcing it.  What a beautiful thing. The light trails are basking in space just waiting for us to remember to bring them in. Make sense?


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