November 5, 2017 Choose card 1 , 2 , or 3

Thanks for tuning in! It is time to do a mini Oracle reading, how exciting! With the help of your guardian angels, the card you choose will directly relate to what you need to know at this moment.

Take some deep breaths… Be still and away from distractions… choose the card that you are drawn to the most… be assured that this IS the card especially for you…


You are trusting more from what you have recently experienced. You’ve reached more wholeness along with a better sense of who you are and this person that you have transformed into, like a frog into a prince or a butterfly into a caterpillar. You have different sides like two sides of a coin that make up something that is of value. Accept the good and the not-so-good about yourself; each quality is unique. You are of so much value and when you relax into this self acceptance, and when you are ok with going inwards, that is when you are ready to expand outwards and embrace more of who you are and your heart’s desires. This balance that you are working through is great because it welcomes in more harmony and helps you see the negative things in a positive way.
Angel guidance
You are really focusing on your wishes right now. You are figuring out what you have to do in order to make your wishes be fulfilled you know you want to reach this completion. Some things need to be taken out and some things need to be brought in. This is what is helping you make positive long-term decisions. Like a bicycle, each wheel serves a purpose to help you get to your destination in the best efficient way. You have something to offer in at least two ways to make possible. Will you make the effort? Much more is gained through experience. Trust. Close your eyes. What needs to be balanced out so you reach your goals?


There is a lot of sadness. A recent phase of deep emotional attachment has ended. The more you sulk in what was lost or what you had to give up the more you want to stay in the pain of that memory. You are aware of the full picture yet you don’t no how to make sense of it all. There might be something you have to say to someone or something you have to acknowledge to yourself in order to have the closure that you are so badly seeking. Forgive. Don’t think that you wish you could have done better. Heal and learn. You didn’t know then what you know now and that’s ok.
Angel guidance
Walk through the open door that is waiting for you. Go to the people that are able to help you take the first step out of the cold darkness. You have become so familiar to the cold, that’s why you must release those negative lonely sad feelings. Return back to the present moment and focus on something joyful that isn’t similar to what you’re used to. That’s the only way to get out of the memories of the painful emotions. Just know that once you commit to your happiness and moving on, you’ll be unstuck. The chapter will be new.


You are very supported in your dreams coming true. Breakthroughs are happening and being revealed to you and it could be actual dreams that you’re having in your sleep or daydreams that are suddenly coming to you during the day and making so much sense. This breakthrough is helping you redefine exactly how you want things to be. You see the bigger picture and you are at a high point, seeing things from a different yet vivid perspective.
Angel guidance
Some quiet time alone and some reflection will help you stay on top of your goals. More progress will be made when you are alone and in a peaceful environment that allows you to receive the dream state messages. This is just what you need at this time to make it more possible to connect with what you want. This will help you to understand exactly why you want it.

Thank you. Sending you lots of blessings!


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