Reflections: the great silences

Our senses are synchronized to the great quiet by millions of years, making it possible to hear things that today are forgotten. So responsive can we become, even the slightest movement of grasses, leaves, or insects is part of our awareness, until it seems we are hearing with our skin, our sight, smell, and touch, for these are part of the overall pervading silences of the past. Silence is one of the most important parts of a Wilderness experience, without it the land is nothing more than rocks, trees, and water. It is only when the silence is broken by the sounds of man’s activities that the spell is lost. Natural sounds I welcome: the groan of ice as it accommodates itself to the bed it must keep all winter, or the swish of it as it melts in the spring, the glide of skis over the surface of midwinter, or the soft crunch of snowshoes in the creak of their straps. When man feels tension as though he were being pulled out of his ancient mold, it is his divorcement from Silence that is often responsible, silence built into the fabric of his mind. He may not know what is wrong, but he has only to find it again to restore his equilibrium. When I return from any wilderness expedition, it is always a shock to encounter the sounds of civilization. It is almost as though I’d stepped into a different world, so swift and strident does it seem. When it is more than I can bear, I stroll into the nearby Woods to recapture what I had left behind.  Page 41


The nature references and the wisdom he writes about connects to exactly how I feel about nature. The more ‘silence’, the better I connect. I am enthralled in this book now. My grandma showed me this book and God helped her lead it right to me. It’s amazing how God works with us when we are in alignment. The light is leading me on my Golden Path.


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