Divination: Tarot is a tool, not a crutch

Are you aware of the power you open yourself up to and give to tarot and divination? The world of tarot is very real and very tricky: it can either be full of illusion leading down a dark and obsessive path, or a good ole realm of fun meant for returning one to their truth. I knew this early on from the get go. From the beginning of my experience with tarot, i knew exactly what i was risking with this light vs. dark tool, so i set firm intentions to use them wisely for goodness and with great fortitude and mental discernment. This is why I haven’t been sucked in like the others…

I had my first tarot reading done on me, it was a fairy tarot deck. I trusted my friend so I let her do a reading for me. She wasn’t good at all! But it was fun and the message coming thru was special, just for me, and I liked the idea of connecting with source. A month later I was drawn to the Radiant Rider Waite Tarot deck at a store . So i purchased it. And wow, I realized… I was a natural!

I discovered more of my intuitive gifts and enjoyed this deep understanding and symbolism buried in the images, with the meanings pouring in, sometimes quick like lightning and sometimes flowing like a stream. I practiced mostly on friends, sharing these accute and chilling answers and helping them without even knowing their questions!

I began to dive into this more, using it as a crutch and even purchased 2 other decks within 3 months. Well, it started to dawn on me: this was a temporary tool for me. The cards were merely confirming what I believed in the present moment and the potentials of those current energies (potential means possibilities of actions not yet taken). Most of the time I knew what my answer was, and other times i was surprised at the deep clarity I was able to channel.

The relationship with the cards and the time spent shuffling thru decks quickly diminished after those first 3 months because i just knew… the power is WITHIN! The answers are WITHIN! The answers are with GOD! When it is time, we may know the ‘how’s, why’s, or when’ but it’s a waste of time to depend on some ‘thing.’ God blessed us with prayer. We can relate to Him and all that is. The power of prayer is always granted,  for everyone! Everything is created by AND returns to God.  God is THE source. And unfortunately, when one becomes dependent on ‘a source’, whatever it is, they lose focus and become weak. Yes, i’m grateful of how the cards helped me as a tool, it’s purpose, but they served as only a doorway to my gifts.

And to this day, my discerning intentions are still valid. I only pull cards when heavily, i mean heavily and ridiculously guided and urged to do so by the divine. It’s funny how it works… Last time I used my cards was 100% divinely led; about a month ago I was looking at my decks and thinking about how I rarely ever use them. So I decided I wanted to bundle them away into a box. And it’s crazy… JUST as I picked up the first one to go into the box, the Gaia Oracle deck, my friend called, wanting me to pull a card for a situation! I was stunned. So, it was obviously a signal to use the Gaia Oracle deck for them in that moment. I shuffled. Not only did I pull an awe-inspiring crystal clear message from the Holy spirit to them, but the message was so profound, it made them cry because of how relevant it was to their life in the present. I was so grateful to have experienced that moment as a psychic because it was truly meant to be . And i believe everyone can withhold these sacred connections to spirit.
Until next time I’m urged to help others with some divine insights , or when I’m confused and need some confirmation, my cards will stay put where they belong.


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