Letting Love guide

Perfect timing! This is one of the most profound messages Ive heard in a while. This resonates for me because earlier I was talking to family about catastrophic events and “what is God really telling us”. Someone said ‘It’s a reminder of how powerful God is’, and I said ‘It’s an opportunity for people to pray and know God, to be saved ‘. I think we can be saved more than once.  God knows the truth about everything and if we’re created in the image of God, it’s better to honor His Holyness and repent rather than to pretend like we are ok without. I was also talking to another family member about the storms and electricity outages,  and she mentioned how people are complaining and demanding their power be on in a rude manner. This really upset me… at least those individuals have homes they can go to and family and friends that are alive.  What are they missing from this experience?  Compassion, selflessness,  and gratitude.  God sees us all as His children as equals,  so why can’t we treat each other like that? This video is brief but touched on this point.  These individuals in these stressful delays and situations will need to learn their own lessons with patience. We all get stressed but what is most important is how we shift out of that mindset from low to high.



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