Energy clearings: Cutting the cords/ Cleansing the aura

Do you need an energy clearing of anxiety, worry, or blocks dealing with another person? If its right for you, please reach out to me for more info on an aura cleansing and a karmic bands reiki healing I can provide for you.

I clear my energy as often as I can so I can have healthier thoughts and feel lighter and smoother within my own energy field. It’s important for me to do this especially beacuse I interact with diverse crowds and sometimes feel very drained and tired. You might notice that the burden of others can affect you when your defense is low, when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and even when you’re around friends and family. In a way, you are opening yourself more their aura which can affect yours.

After I was involved with a narcissistic sociopath in a very dysfunctional and lower vibrational relationship, I felt as if I was losing my true identity. It became clear to me as the relationship progressed, that the energy was unbalanced, based on what I was giving and receiving. We each had different intentions and there was no love or support to sustain. I felt as if I could not escape, although I wanted to. And this was due to the energetic cords that had formed and were literally hooked into each of us, ultimately preventing me from making any firm decisions. I knew the cords were there, however, through divine intervention , allowance, and trusting in my self and God, I spoke for my release and I took the action to be free. It was brought into existence. But it was not complete.

When we interact with others and have emotional exchanges, like shock or trauma, we undergo a soul fragmentation, and this is where parts of our soul either becomes strongly integrated with itself or gets weaker and left behind. Through  acts such as sex we leave parts of ourselves behind in the other person, and vice versa.
This can have major effects like losing personal power and giving away the soul essence, by unconsciously taking on their “load” and their history.

Now I have been guided to share this (for months, years actually) because this happens everyday with all of us, yet we need to help each other become more aware of not only our physical bodies , but our emotional, mental, and spirit bodies, and what we do with them. That is our God given power.

If you would like to heal and return any soul fragments that you’re carrying of other people, while simultaneously calling back your own soul fragments and integration, you definitely can! This will be great for you to help you let go of things if you’re still holding on to past lovers or certain relationships.

Feel free to reach out to me for more info the reiki healings I provide.

You are able to move forward in your life from past relationships and blockages once and for all!

This will be great for you to help you move forward in your life from past relationships. You sometimes find that you can’t let go of things if you’re still holding on to soul fragments from past lovers or certain relationships.

I pray for you to be clean, whole, and healed. I command that all soul fragments from. Others be cleansed, healed, and purified through Gods holy light, and returned to their rightful owners now released from their soul throughout all timelines, dimensions, realities, in the best way foe the highest good. And so it is, In


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