Twin Flame Energy Report…The birth of the golden age …..Huge shifts in the collective consciousness taking place

Hello, I want to share my beloved friend’s brilliant and profound messages regarding planetary change en masse and how you can consciously help raise and uplift the vibrational resonance of Gaia into the highest state of love and harmony, if this resonates strongly for you!

Twin Flame Energy Report…The birth of the golden age …..Huge shifts in the collective consciousness taking place

September 7, 2017

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with very important news for you dearest twin flame light worker star seeds – those of you whom are standing and holding positions on the front line of this rapid spiritual Ascension of Mother Gaia.


Many of you are well aware that many of your ancient prophecies and texts speak about the ending of this particular planetary cycle. In Hinduism this age is referred to as the age of Kali Yuga. And this name points To the fact that the main aspect of this age is spiritual cleansing and purification. Kali Yuga is also referred to as the spiritual dark ages as it is acknowledged that humanity during this age is unawakened to its spiritual potential, identity, and heritage.


Beloveds we wish to inform you that if you were to view each age as a large book or encyclopaedia even, right now humanity is on the last few pages of this great book. This is such exciting news to share with you all, but it is also necessary to explain that this is the reason there appears to be so many deep shifts and transformation occurring upon gaia at this time.


The old 3-D limited programming simply no longer fits humanity and it’s evolving consciousness and these last few moments of Kali Yuga, we are collectively experiencing this old limited 3-D costume trying to be squeezed into the brand-new emerging frequency that Gaia is transitioning into to no avail.


Many of the ancient prophecies from Hinduism to Mayan and to ancient  Egyptian and Native American speak about this current age being the end of  time as we know it. What is being referred to here dear ones is the end of linear time and with that comes the birthing of true knowledge which understands that timelines operate simultaneously, the past and the future do not exist separate from the present moment, they are all operating concurrently in the present moment of now.


Dear one’s humanity is on the verge of a huge shift, and this time this shift is set to occur within the mass collective consciousness of humanity. For many years now, you lightworkers have been ardently preparing for your role as the leaders and wayshowers and role models of the New Earth paradigm and for many of you whom are reading these words, we wish to remind you that there are huge number of souls in the collective who have made a soul contract with you to be inspired and guided by you in these  transitioning months and years.


Very soon in Earthly terms huge shifts are destined to take place. It has always been part of the divine plan


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