Full Moon reading: Water signs

Thanks for tuning in, my dreamy water signs! I hope you are having a great week wherever you are. Hopefully you can find at least one piece of clarity regarding your situation and how the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces this Wednesday will affect you. I’m not a hardcore astrologer but I know that this is the first full moon after the intense solar eclipse a few weeks ago!  This will interplay with your experiences during that time as well. Enjoy your reading:


Currently you are moving on from a certain situation or relationship to a more fertile ground that is more fulfilling.  You could be a very nurturing individual that enjoys teaching and encouraging others. But now there is something preventing you from feeling at peace so you need some time alone to gather your thoughts. Everything you desire is attainable because you are entering a new phase with courage and you have the will. The wisdom you have gained is leading you into a new phase that is awaiting you. By taking each step towards various abundance, day by day, your clear values are assisting you into your powerful authority. Being a leader entails settling disputes & clashing ideas with integrity and doing what you say you are going to do. This requires inner strength and determination, ultimately giving you the endurance to keep going. Although you may worry and feel a little foggy, just know that when you are genuine and coming from a place of love, you will fully know what you want, who you want, and what is best. Steady and calm energy will help you set boundaries for yourself and others. That is what a strong bond will ensure: clear expectations. 

What you are hopeful for is joy, enlightenment, and positive energy. You can live inside that hope by mastering your heart and not letting fear or doubt prevent you from taking action. What is holding you back? What is the root of the caged emotions? Dive into the depths of your truth from an objective and intuitive perspective and allow more wisdom to flow to you. Also, being outdoors will help you I see, so take your shoes off, enjoy the breeze, walk thru the trees, and savor the alone time in nature.

Overall theme for water signs – Lead

Deck used – The Psychic Tarot for the Heart


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