Full Moon reading: Fire Signs

Thanks for tuning in, my lively fire signs! I hope your doing well and not starting too many fires. Hopefully you can receive at least one insight that resonates. This reading will focus on the upcoming full moon this Wednesday which happens to be the first full moon after the intense solar eclipse! So the energies may interplay with your situation a few weeks ago and how it affects you now. Enjoy your reading:


Major divine changes are occuring during this full moon period. You are blossoming into a beautiful flower. But flowers need love and attention and nutrients. Ask yourself: What is energizing for you, what is helping you thrive? and what direction do you want to go in? You have to take a clear approach and personal time to find balance before you can make time for others. Focus on what a healthy friendship or intimate relationship needs in order to be successful. Then you can fully be available to help others, if you like. Its ok to have lots of ideas and options, but distractions could get in the way of the joy you seek. More demands are being placed on you so you must focus on what is most important, then second most important, etc. Priorities! Get em straightened out.

You are hoping for a time of expansion not only with yourself but with the connections and interests that you seek to improve. Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself a little. Growth will be uncomfortable sometimes, so be aware, and be empowered thru this!

I feel like rapid growth is imminent and this could be a time of new relationships blossoming that are very supportive for you. What will determine you being most balanced and making shit happen is how you respond to unexpected changes and situations.

You can live inside this hope of new success if you allow messages to shine thru, (whether intuitively, from books, t.v., or people,) to help you gain more strength when it comes to partnerships and happier, more joyful relationships.

Theme for Fire signs – Blossom

Deck used – The Psychic Tarot for the Heart


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