Full Moon reading: Earth signs

Thanks for tuning in, my lovely Earthlies! So much has been shifting and I’m sure you are adapting to it just fine. It’s harvest time! It’s also month of Virgo! Festivites and friends are most important for you, and also work since your so passionate about your duties and helping others. Hopefully you receive some insights about yoir current situation.  I’m not a hardcore astrologer but I know that this is the first full moon after the intense solar eclipse a few weeks ago!  This will interplay with your experiences during that time as well. Enjoy your reading:


I noticed there’s a lot of shuffling going around in the mind. Patience. I pulled the “Change Your Focus” card, but wasn’t sure about it so I decided to put it back in the deck . I shuffled the cards and guess which card popped out? Yep, the Change Your Focus card. So I feel like you have to not second-guess yourself. Notice the little things surrounding you and don’t take them for granted.

Currently your thoughts and focus are changing about what you want and what is really for you. I sense this is regarding a person or even romance. There is an offer, a choice, a lifestyle, being made from a specific person that could bring in creativity and soul growth.

This person could have sparked a change in focus, but I see that this focus really concerns you and your true needs around love and how to remain in a loving mindset. Shift your focus to what is good and positive in your life instead of lingering in the past of sorrow and regret. Look forward to what’s ahead instead. Appreciate what you have learned so far on your journey and be thankful for those painful experiences that allowed you to see things more clearly. Turn the negative into a positive.

You can live inside this hope by opening up, rather than cutting off your emotions or people. Realize the obvious opportunities presented to you. Don’t forget to appreciate the person you have become. Now you have a better idea of where you want to go. And when you express yourself and your needs, remember to allow others to do the same. This will bring in that new vital spark you crave back into your life. Also, spending time with children and learning from them will help you return to a playful state, the inner child that you really are. Children are our greatest teachers and they stay true to themselves.

Theme for Earth Signs – Teach

Deck used – The Psychic Tarot for the Heart


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