Full Moon reading: Air Signs

Thanks for tuning in my friendly Air signs! I hope you can float thru this week and have fun doing it. I think you’ll find some clarity about the current energies surrounding you and what energies are most prominent around the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces this week. I’m not a hardcore astrologer but I know that this is the first full moon  after the intense solar eclipse a few weeks ago!  This will interplay with your experiences during that time as well. Enjoy your reading:


Many significant events are leading you inwards to really identify all that doesn’t make sense to you and what does make sense to you. You want relationships to be based on loyalty and trust and you finally realize that this IS possible .

Through cutting to the core of what is real and what you want, your powers and intuition are intensifying! You could even be a very spiritual or empathic person . You are seeing things from a wider perspective and allowing the signs and messages to come to You. You are learning a lot about how to love yourself and love others. You are feeling so receptive to understanding the unknown that you are taking more risks and trusting… like never before! You may not openly share this knowledge with others but you sure are open to the knowledge they share with you.

What will help you love life and love yourself more is to know that you are a co-creator and you can have the life you want. Get imaginative and switch things up. Take yourself or some friends out to a new restaurant. Listen to your intuition when it tells you to take a different way home. Don’t assume things have to be a certain way; a constant boring cycle based on what you’ve been doing for a long time and repetition. When you really listen and are receptive to differences , even when you don’t want to be, you are closer and closer to your dreams and the universe is helping you get to where you want. Continue to be open and mindful, await exciting endeavours, and be thankful. This will bring about more gifts from the universe because your hands are open to receive more!

Overall Theme – Balance

Deck used – The Psychic Tarot for the Heart


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