Eclipse portals and Reiki

I’ve been focusing on my Reiki Practice more since I lost my daytime job and the universal flow is growing stronger than ever right now during this eclipse period. It is NO coincidence I have been receiving similar insights for the past few months, just like this channeled message from Arch Angel Metatron:

Through these alignments every soul upon the Earth is rewiring themselves to step into a new part of themselves. The individuals that are not consciously aware will go through some extreme moments of acceleration and change that may be very challenging for them to experience. Those of us that are fully aware of our higher consciousness and Higher Selves have a grand opportunity to delve deeper into our Soul’s Essence to start to allow the reality of who we are as a soul to become the experience of our Physical Selves. It is a time of great transformation for each of us to become better and more aligned with our highest purpose.”

Yes! This cannot be any more clearer from Arch Angel Metatron.


Here is the FULL channeled message.


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