Words of Wisdom : Manna Delight

Manna Delight has such profound insights when it comes to spiritual pursuits. Here’s a dose of truth.  She is too a Blue Ray Angelic Twin Flame and specializes in clearing and channeled messages. The way she explains the current events resonate so much with me and confirm what I’ve already been sensing… Like for instance, why certain individuals don’t approach me; well, it’s because I allow healthy, uplifting, loving energies into my life. The ones who do not share that frequency will be repelled from interfering with me, or else…  She shares this message in a simplistic way that is understandable and may show you things, more clearly regarding your path. This message may or may not align with you and that’s OK.

Bravo to the Angelics who live and love to the fullest! We are ascending. We are creating the new world. We are powerful Beings!


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