What is Reiki?

Sending you an abundance of healing today! I just realized, it’s been exactly 1 year since I created my website. I have put much energy and time into this blog and I do hope this blog continues to expand and reach people worldwide, Yay!

There is much to appreciate when it comes to receiving a Reiki treatment because it truly is something that is universal and powerful within its own essence. It is a life force energy and one must be willing and ready for an attunement or a session from me and/or other practitioners. Individuals are naturally led to the interest in Reiki, whether by a friend,  by an internal compass, and by synchronicity.  Now that you have stumbled upon these words, I recommend reading this to take a further look into Reiki:

Here is some more information regarding what Reiki is exactly, how it was founded, and how I utilize this healing modality.
Source: What is Reiki?


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