Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: Time: From Separation to Oneness

What an inspiring message from Master Kuthumi bringing us some more hope in knowing that we are not alone! We are loved and cherished equally by God, because God is truth, compassion, and in everything!


I greet you with a deep respect and warmth. Times are changing and the energies of Ascension are heightening across the globe. There are many deaths, tragedies and events that are rocking the foundations of what people think they know and what they hold to be true. There are also many untruths continuing to be revealed that have shocked humans to the core. Deep-seated beliefs are being shaken and brought into question and this is not without reason; change for the better could not happen if one were to go through a whole lifetime without being asked to question one’s own truth. As much as one may wish to remain accepting of what one has always believed, it is not in the best interests of Ascension for humans to remain blindly faithful to beliefs when divine oneness and access to divine wisdom are so readily available.

All humans are part…

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