I JUST met a medium! 

This sky blue day started off hopeful as I prayed to my guardian angel to help guide me and align me with my soul tribe and help my desires and goals come true! He really does answer my prayers! 

This new year is a time of transformation of not only  ourselves and our circumstances but also of our divine paths; so tuning into what you really desire is ideal for creating your life of bliss and abundance! When one is connected to their loving heart, their truth, and their angels and guides,  the path is visible and challenges become moments of growth and wisdom. Believe it and THEN you’ll see it. 

I’m at work now and earlier today a lady  called asking about an event she’d like to have soon,  and I helped her out with  the info she needed as much as I could.  I told her that it’s best if she come by later when the owner is here,  but rather,  she decided to come on by. Literally less than half an hour ago, I noticed a lady walking around and  “planning”  and I went right  over and was answering her questions.  It was the lady who called earlier.  She was wearing all black,  looked  successful,  and had on blood red lipstick. She was very pretty and had a unique look. 

So as we’re talking, she says she’s having vendors set up. I asked what event she’s planning on having, and she replies,  “mediums”.  And I asked,  “psychic mediums?” and she said that yes, and that she’s a medium as well! I was stunned.  It’s like my angels are orchestrating everything I want and need! 

I’ve been developing my empathic gifts for the past 2 years and Reiki has definitely propelled me more towards uncovering my natural divine gifts. I am currently developing my natural claircognizance and channeling  abilities. There is no doubt that I have these abilities and they are powerful and very clear. This is a great step through that open door towards strengthening my psychic abilities.  God wants me to progress and help others and that is exactly what I’m doing.  I know I’m meant to keep in touch with her and possibly even learn from her,  since we actually met in person! She works at a metaphysical gift shop with some other psychic mediums and tarot readers.  

Here is the link to the gift shop website! I will continue on my golden path  and make a stop at the gift shop,   Wishful Treasures!
Sending you peace and lots of bliss! 💗😇 



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