Competing against the 3D

This is a description of what I’m channeling based on my higher perspective of those stuck in the 3d:

That is why we must lead.  

The trail is blazed in moments of believing in each step. 

Scattered won’t get you anywhere except for lost. 

Are they in the position you expected? No,  they’re  losing. 

We’re going to trigger them but it’s better than ending up miserable and dead. 

The more we are honing our natural power and being in our divinity,  the further they will be left behind…

Catch up, follow us,  trust us! 

It’s a marathon and the faithful leaders,  we’re winning the race.

It’s a blessing leading for love and  we don’t want to see them lose,  we want everyone to win! 

Don’t give up! 

I don’t know when or how but I know that you can make it. 

You’ll look at me like I’m dumb but soon you’ll understand why. 

 The journey is intense but get back on the Golden Path. 

The pain will be turned into gold.  

You must race towards the light! 


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