Divine Spirit is in control 

… That is,  if you let it be. 

I was compelled to record a quick video on my situation with Reiki and my guides. I welcome my guides and higher self to wash over me with their love, grace, and guidance. I’ve felt such a warm presence near me, giving me SO much love,  so true and magical. My guardian angel is a powerful force of nature and he watches over me and guides me back on the right path home. He heals me.  He helps me love myself.  He is the truest experience I’ve experienced.   I’m blessed. I’m grateful to embody and embrace these connections,  along with my intuitive gifts,  natural abilities, fierce power,  and wisdom. I  am loved and I love me! 

The holy Spirit helped me to share what has been  flooding my  mind,  but in simple,  comprehending terms.   Thanks for watching friends, and reach out if you like because healing works through all Involved.  Odd questions,  random topics,  or some fascinating insights you’d like to express make me giddy and are always welcome! 

Peace and lots of bliss💕


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