Archangel Michael is considered the grandest and most honored angel in Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions and writings. Archangel Michael and his legions, dressed in blue power armor with shields and swords of blue flame descend daily into the astral plane. There they release those who have gone down from the screen of life and are unable to rise to the higher octaves in the cloister of the Masters. Michael and his angels helpers working at this level twenty-four hours a day, freeing souls from their owned human creations that are superimposed centuries and projections of the dark forces. They bring their ministry on the astral plane for many centuries. Archangel Michael helps with the sword of blue flame made of pure light. This sword of blue flame itself represents a staff of strength of blue fire that Michael use to protect humanity. To call the sword of blue flame of Archangel Michael, imagine sparkling with electric blue that comes with a blue flame from the burner of a gas bottle. Take this sword in your right hand. You Can clean you low vibrations and bad energy from yourself and the place that you are in. You can visualise this blue light clean the whole planet Earth and the space.

Archangel Michael Prayer

These are two powerful affirmations for -protection call to Archangel Michael to you, your relatives, friends, situations and to your homes and your country, and remember to invoke protection for the entire Planet Earth.

“In the name of I AM THAT I AM, in the name of Jesus Christ, I call to the heart of Archangel Michael to protect me / your name / from all imperfect energies, all forces of evil, all forces of anti-Christ and all forces of anti-peace.”

“In the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of my I AM Presence and Christ Self, I call  Archangel Michael, all legions of Blue Flame and the Will of God to protect me /  your name / all life from all imperfect energy, all the forces of evil, all forces of anti – Christ, all the forces of anti-peace.
According to the Will of God – It Is done.


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You can make personal calls to Archangel Michael for protection available to you or your family in danger. /”


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SOURCE – Archangel Michael 


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