Gyoshi Ho – sending Reiki through the eyes

I studied Gyoshi Ho briefly as a level 1, but as I have progressed and continue to embody more ki during Joshin Koki Ho and various meditations,  I noticed I’ve naturally been doing this since being attuned to Master healer. Sometimes I intuitively know something or someone needs to be healed, but other times,  plants and animals for instance,  will send me signals for help and I will gaze at them and begin the chiryo.  It’s amazing and it really works!

With loving intent and a strong will to heal and do good things, anything is possible! I also test myself and will facilitate Reiki through my eyes on people  and animals too,  and notice if they turn around and look back at me or do something out of the ordinary,  which confirms they have received it. How can that NOT give me a boost in confidence? With animals,  my chriyo treatment is very effective! 

Another example is when I’m out in public.  For instance,  on the bus, I’ll usually send Reiki to everyone on the bus,  little do they know I’m staring directly at them, sending them free flowing healing. Other times I’ll see someone and I can feel that their souls are calling to me needing to cleanse it’s aura.  

There are other ways to transfer energy and balance the chakras, however, Gyoshi Ho is  definitely natural for me and very powerful! 

The Look of Love

by William Lee Rand

One of the techniques Dr. Usui taught to his students is called Gyoshi-Ho. With this technique you can send Reiki to any part of your own body or to others with your eyes.
Just by looking at the area in need of healing or at another person, you can send Reiki.


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