Sacred Journey: the object mind fuck 

I know I’m not crazy! I am literally right on my path where I need to be and the Timeline shifts are manifesting in weird odd ways,  lunexplainable but very Divine.  There’s really  no answer. 

 This article below resonates with me from Awakening TO remember in so many ways though regarding crazy mind fucks. I have definitely felt for  most of my life I embody  my higher self and constantly strive to bring it into form and sometimes I can’t. When I “shift” back to 3d it is confusing and does feel like a giant leap. 

It is challenging being an Earth angel and I am grateful to be so close and embraced by the Divine when I am transmuting karma and clearing heavy energy blocks.  I would not be here withoit faith and love. 

I know I’m constantly experiencing these Timeline jumps and shifts. Even today I experienced another one! This power is beyond amazing and I am literally Transcending. 

As KALI would probably say,   Time is my bitch!!! 



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