Blissful thoughts on to love and lose a pure soul

I woke up today.  Thank you Lord. I really am grateful, even  just realizing that I am. This year has to have been one of the best years of my life. Not because I did what I wanted to,  but because I did what I needed.  I’m letting go of more and more as the year goes on.  And today,  I started off sad,  feeling guilty about my cat.  Yea,  it’s just a cat,  but I feel like I completely let him down and should have done more .  During the time I lost him a few months ago I remained pretty neutral , despite how much I love and adore him. I tried not to question why because then I would get lost in negatively and value and worry and loss.  But this really isn’t me.  I am not a big worrier,  or a downer, but I can easily dwell in the despair and loss. One day maybe I’ll know why he left and where he went. It doesn’t matter or change anything about how much I care. It’s unconditional. I am so thankful to have loved something so pure and divine, appreciate its unique way, to love something that loved me the same deepness, and to have  taught me how much love capacity I have within that is ever evolving. For now all I am doing is cherishing in the love we shared and knowing just how blessed I am, and how one adopted tuxedo cat could really open me up to a true love and help me see so much beauty and fun in the world! 

The universe and my higher self is just confirming what I’ve been feeling throughout this situation lately and revealing what it’s teaching me about love, especially about soulmates, loss, and types of love. My Higher self is gradually taking over to show and remind me that yes,  attachment is suffering- only a lesson learned. And to let the love in, love is always there and will remain. 

 I was scrolling through my other email account which I usually don’t,  and I found an article. This was just such an uplifting message from my higher self and my guides. Now I feel so much better.  Now I can get back to that peaceful feeling about him and think harmoniously about the good times! 

Nothing Ever Goes Away Until It Has Taught Us What We Need to Know – Pema Chodron –


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