Does a book judge you first ? 

Books are alive,  they remain the same way, they always change perspectives. Haven’t you read something twice and uncovered a new meaning or view that baffled you in a way? Or read a story or article that was speaking directly to you like it was written for you?  These are the books that align with what you don’t know you’re already searching for,  therefore,  I believe they are calling you. Just listen. They have much to share if one is open and has a vivid imagination ready to explore new territory.  They will lead one on a path that resonates with their inner child if one will oblige to the mystery. To quench the desire,  which is the satisfaction of moving through  chapter after chapter,  is the sense of bewilderment,  excitement, and contentment: the destination is reached. The goal has been achieved without any rules. When I’m addicted to a book or some pages, it fuels my mind, the dopamine rushes in, I’m lost,  sometimes I forget how far I’m entangled in where I’m going or that I need to eat. It’s losing time in wonder. The call urges me to seek and discover myself with new ways of doing things better . Some books I can hardly remember,  but they all have significant meaning with God and love and growth. 

I would like to express some personal revelations regarding my connection to “talking  leaves”.  Very specific genres of Books are calling me more and I realized this year 2016 that I need to fully accept the intuitive invitation and grasp whatever concept that is meant for me to master, and understand the messages and hidden meanings within the books in my own unique way. When I combine the facts,  the stories,  my intuition,  it merges to create my own truth which is my  own truth.  I trust that eventually I will learn what the book wants me to know for my highest good, although in that moment I don’t know how to commit myself to a new idea I strongly feel the need to explore deeply. Also,  I don’t know why I am specifically being called to do so by a divine force. 

I  was just thinking about the time back in college when I was walking from a creative writing class, (which entirely foreshadows part of my mission with English,  journalism,  and independent writing)  and stumbled into a drum circle (also foreshadowing part of my life mission which involves beats and percussion)  and met wonderful people that opened me up to the ancient religion Hinduism, and in that first moment we met I was fascinated by the culture. Out of their loving hearts,  they gave me a book called Life Before Death. It resonates with my views on reincarnation and helped me to comprehend what I’ve known is my souls truth. I still have it to this day and I am so thankful for that chance I took that day. I dove straight into a better lifestyle because I accepted Buddhism, and eventually deepened my connection with Hindu archetypes.  Another time,  while at a local bookstore,  I was “called” to keep digging in the messy and jumbled pile of books because I would soon find a book that was exactly what I needed for meditation; little did I know, it would be one of the most sacred and scientific evidence of DNA I could ever find that resonated with my meditation and stance of evolution, it also sparked my enlightenment even more so.  And last year,  while at the public library in my old neighborhood, I strolled the isles while on a work lunch break and reminisced about the middle school memories and suddenly was urged by my physical body to simply glance and skim this particular shelf,  and that was when I found a book, this was the intense and divinely guided time when I discovered my passion and love for numerology. 

I’m awakening through books and will continue to let me heart guide me for the knowledge I need to integrate into my being, kind of like downloads of high quality insights from the divine that is already free of viruses, vampires, and corruption of the truth . 


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