11 11 Gateway- to the flow of the cosmic love- to our true divine power! 

Happy 11 11! On this autumn night tonight,  I just now walked outside . I looked up to the moon as always and admired the moonlight glow in the hazy clouds.  And suddenly I glanced back up and  noticed a huge translucent ring around the moon ! I had seen the ripple effect of the moonlight in the past, but definitely not as huge as the ripple glow tonight! Suddenly I was hit with an insight- today is 11 11! I knew this had to be a clear message for me about the energetic portal to the gateway, 11 11, which is currently encoding divine souls and lightworkers and bringing forth illuminating divine insights and more unconditional love pouring into our new light  bodies! The more I admire this moon ring, It literally looks like an eye,  a window to the soul that lies deep within that is now ready to shine through the darkness, the moon is centered and the light is balanced in an even ring,  powerful enough to shine forth  now! It is now time to receive these activations from the divine,  as it is from  Heaven to Earth,  and allow all light  to dissolve the darkness within our essence to transform into more love,  strength,  and authenticity in alignment with divine will. This is an exciting time although not much seems to be really happening on the outside. It starts from within.  It’s grounded there,  purely made of compassion. 
You are going to stay in the vibration of love because in that vibration you just KNOW that all is happening in your highest good. You know that you have planted a seed that the universe is now growing.
And thank you guardian angels and guides, for protecting me and my divine essence , guiding me on The Golden Path,  and encouraging me releasing and forgiving lower energies people  and thoughts that need to be released from negative karma for the highest good and replacing it with the ultimate spark and essence of the Holy Spirit 💫💗🔥

Here is a great article I read today that was very inspiring in regards to the shifts happening right now with these downloads from the divine:



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