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​I usually don’t give email newsletters much interest but this article I received really kept me reading until the end . 

4 Key Areas of Growth – Taking Care of You

“There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by myself.” – Brian Andreas

In the everyday motions of life, sometimes we forget to stop and take a moment. To breathe. To embrace this moment and life right now.

Yes, there will be days when everything seems urgent. Where never-ending to-do lists and deadlines just keep stacking against us – In those times, we get so caught up in burning the candle at both ends that we forget to look after ourselves. 

As I always say to my best friend, work/university/career are important, but it doesn’t matter how many accolades we achieve if it ultimately means putting our health on the back burner. We are only human and we need to eat, sleep, and recharge. We need to look after our inner health circle to have the energy and mentality to achieve the great things we have planned. 

Over the past few weeks, I have found this to be profoundly true. After falling prone to hay fever blues, I realized that being able to breathe every day is truly a blessed and lucky thing. People say it’s the little things that matter and now I finally know why. Because without them, we can’t do big and great things.

The secret to leading a happy and fulfilled life is being healthy…

1. Physically

Every day if you’re able to roll out of bed and breathe, walk, talk and think – you are already immensely blessed.  First thing in the morning, keep yourself in top-notch condition, either indoors or out. Though I’m more partial to the great outdoors – walking, jogging, running and skipping away to paradise – whatever works for you, just keep those hearts beating health! Plus, those happy hormones (endorphins) are always a good thing. A smile always makes your day, and if not yours – definitely someone else’s.

2. Mentally

In this constant touch and go world, sometimes we forget to reward ourselves with downtime. Let’s make it a weekend mantra to reconnect with our first hobby loves. Whether it’s creating art by painting, photography, blogging, writing, song writing, or singing to just chilling with a novel or a movie to just listening to records you like – you deserve to! After all, we all need healthy outlets to vent out life’s downs. A healthy head space leads to a clutter free mind. 

3. Socially

There’s a reason why human beings are social creatures. After all, there are so many of us; so it makes sense to engage and connect with one another. That’s what friends and family are for. 

It doesn’t matter how introverted or extroverted or even how busy we are, we will always need a support network to fall back on. Even when we think we might not need it. Besides keeping us afloat, life is always better with company. In both the ups and downs and everything in between.

4. Spiritually

Hello good mornings! The best way to start the day is to have peace and quiet for 10 minutes. P&Q 10 as I call it. No notifications. No beeps. No Wi-Fi. 

Just 10 minutes of P&Q – meditating with calming music, prayer or even just yoga deep breathing. 

It centers us to have inner peace. Which transcends into less daunting thoughts and plans. They no longer seem unattainable. They become possible. A calm mind can do wonders.

Today, let’s make our good health our top priority.

After all, without good health, we wouldn’t be able to soldier on and do amazing and incredible things! Make the change today for a happier and healthier you.


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