I am the Divine Feminine and I am shifting the planet! 

Manifesting miracles is what’s happening lately. Thank you Thank you  God! 

The power and art of manifestation has intrigued me and challenged me.  I can visualize something perfectly and be introspective to seek the end result. This is the Divine Feminine – which is the births the life force energy – dominating me my entire life,  until recently.  It’s the process of letting go,  letting it be, opening myself to the desire, and transforming that desire into a more protective and persistent step-by-step action that I have been working through- this is the Divine Masculine, action & will to create manifestation.  From my own perspective, one must have their own masculine &  feminine essences balanced in peaceful ways as much as one can. 

How can you utilize and merge the two to create? Here’s a secret… One must visualize and set the intention,  release the wants and needs out of fear and into love, and patiently surrender to the universe and spirit. Allow the thought to overcome you with an ideal emotion you would feel when you have it,  and continue to ground that emotion and energy into the Earth,  live in that emotion, plant the seeds and care for it, nurture the idea of your  creation coming true,  while embodying the sensation of receiving and allowing ANY  unexpected experience to bring forth helpful opportunities to seize into the NOW!   

The most recent thing I’ve manifested was very simple, 2 days ago at work. Here’s how it went down :

I really like warm flannel, guy type of jackets. Just do. Anywho, while I was cleaning and organizing,  I came across a BLUE FLANNEL! I realized it belonged to no one,  except the person who lost it because a few days before that it was still there. It was a goner. So I thought about taking it after asking if it was anyone’s,  just to be sure. However,  I thought that would be kind of embarrassing and too much work.  So I decided, at the end of the shift,  I was just going to take it and swype it. As work went on I kept contemplating about the damn flannel!  (thoughts)  So gradually I believed I was going to have that shirt because it was cold,  I liked it,  and I would put it to good use.  Simple.  Ok so, it just so happens, about 30 minutes before I had to clock out and got home,  the other employee shows up for work. She was in a fairly optimistic and chill mood, it was noticeable since last time I saw her. As I’m in my own zone -focused- she literally holds the flannel jacket that I want amongst other “garbage” in  her hands and throws it straight into the garbage can right next time ME! I quickly grabbed the jacket  and said, “Wait! I’ll take that.I like these jackets.”  and she left with a nonchalant look. I was happy and so ecstatic because of how unbelievably quickly my desire came into fruition! 

It really does sound too easy.  I bring my own perspective, analyzing this incredible ability in my own simplistic way for others to grasp.  But also in a logically descriptive way. This law of manifestation requires definite practice! Make it fun! This also requires high intentions, low expectations,  and an open mind! Divine timing will help do the rest.  This is creation.  I’ve been thinking lately;  have I manifested everything in my life thus far,  whether it’s the past creating the future, or the future creating the past?
This gift I cherish is a miracle and I will continue to fulfill my desires with my higher self and the divine to make more greatness happen for raising the frequency of faith  &  love & bliss on the planet! 


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