Crown Chakra balancing

Restoring  our Chakra system to its most healthiest state requires a strong foundation…we have to start at the Root Chakra, our base Chakra. 

We have 7 main chakras in our body, however, we are connected to our Earth chakra,  which is about a foot below us into the Earth while we have our solar star chakra, about it a foot above our heads,  and plenty more above our solar star Chakra. It’s very important to first ground your  energy into the earth star Chakra because it completes and finalizes the shifts so that it is connected to the planet no matter where we are.  Without  properly grounding and sending energy to the Earth, we struggle to maintain the abundance of health and endurance in our chakras. We have to be like a tree and “root” our essence into the Earth, in this way, we can flow our transformations upwards in an expansive methodical way, rather than working backwards and struggling. 


Balancing any of your chakras is absolutely beneficial, just remember to ground so that the shifts aren’t as intense. 

Crown Chakra

I like to use mudras, special hand positions that have the power to send more healing to our chakras,  when I meditate and it boosts the focus while I cleanse my chakras acting as a specific  portal for the healing energy to flow through.  

**Put your palms together in front of your stomach pointing up. While your ring fingers touch pointing up, fold the rest of your fingers together. Cross your right thumb over your left thumb. The mantra “mmmm” is the powerful seed sound that also flows the energy thru your crown, expediting the crown Chakra balancing. 

Here is a great crown chakra meditation! 


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