The sacred Akashic Records

Today is 10/10/2016. It is a Master #11 day!  There is definitely a wave of energy pouring into us from this portal.  It’s flooding me and I am even more in tune… intuition! The synchronicity is so divine, they make me literally laugh and smile so big! My guides and guardian angels are confirming everything I’ve been wanting and feeling. It is a great time. The now IS here.

I have been pondering about looking into my Akasha, my past lives and records of all related to me in this universe, and it’s been on my “to-do” list for months now. Well today is very powerful indeed because I was compelled to do research on my past lives so that I can gain a better understanding of who I am, my divine presence, and ways to conquer the battles I’m facing with the most needed suitable information that I need to know regarding them and how it relates to my current life situation. I then came across a video from the profile Higher Self on Youtube, there was so much insight and even more synchronicity, along with the repetitive “11’s” and “10:10”  I have noticed today. After watching I just knew the time was now, and everything was in perfect alignment for me to do so. Here is the Video.

The more I keep listening, (to the sound of my soul and of the divine),  the more I am guided to do what I must to bring me closer to bliss. Follow your intuition! Eventually I researched the best and most productive way to dig into my Akasha through different websites so I could gain knowledge about the prerequisites. There are many sites and people out there who are very experienced with this. So then I looked up some meditations. The first was a video that was 1 whole hour and did nothing whatsoever… I fell asleep. So, either the video was not of love and light or it was not the correct way for me to go about meditating on my Akasha.

Then I persisted to find a second meditation that resonated with me that immediately captivated me. I began my meditative state once again by calling upon my Angels and guides, surrendering, trusting, desiring the hidden knowledge about my past and believing that to whatever I find, it is always for the best. I stated what I wanted them to help me with for my highest good of love, light, and truth. I like how in this meditation she begins with a blessing of healing, love, and protection to ensure as much peace and divine intervention as possible. That was a clear difference from the first meditation I should have been aware of, but I am truly thankful that I was protected, shielded, and fell asleep. Not everyone is of love and light; there is a war going on and when we use the Violet flame or the help from our Guardian angels, they fight for our lives and safety. I am blessed! I learned the importance of power shielding even more so. The second meditation video, posted below, was definitely of the light.

And wow… as the meditation went on, I became more and more emotional. The images were fuzzy at some points, I really had to focus to make them more vivid, however, it became clear to me why I was seeing these things, why certain people and things were in the vision (as the story continued), and eventually all of the details were coinciding and wrapping up the story in a divine way that made so much sense. God, the divine, the guides are all so magical.

Maybe one day I will post about one of my past lives, but since this was my first dive into my Akasha, I’d rather ponder on it before writing and expressing the history. I am going to dive back into my Akasha soon. This ability is for everyone as long as light, love, and Holy intentions are the goal. The angels and guides will assist you in this. There is nothing to fear, as this will help you release your fears and blockages in an exciting way that will lead you to return to bliss … to be your I AM PRESENCE!

Blessings and sending so much love!

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