• The first law we should have learned is the foundation of unconditional love,  The Law of One. All of the other laws, like the Law of Attraction and The Law of Gravity amongst others can be valuably studied and applied afterwards. The most fundamental of them all, The Law of One was practiced by Jesus Christ, the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama), St. Germaine, Quan Yin,  and many other prophets and ascended masters who walked the Earth. It is simple to understand yet challenging to apply. Love God first and foremost by loving yourself for all of your shadows and light. You were created in the image of God and that is truly a blessing to appreciate. We feel so better and uplifted when we treat others how we want to be treated, therefore creating a ripple effect of love and harmony.  Animals and plants consistently act according to the law of one more naturally than human beings. Observe a loyal dog, watch two kittens playing with each other,  notice how the trees are endlessly giving, (reminds me of the book, The Giving Tree). Look around and observe what you may deem as compassion and loving admiration, and when you observe something joyful or an act of service, appreciate and acknowledge the experience. Children also understand the Law of One more than their elders and this is because of their innocent, pure, and open hearts and minds that strive to seek wonder and amusement.  Sadly,  they  are portrayed as small and weak,  disorderly,  students that must be only taught by adults with credentials and experience, hyper,  overactive daydreamers full of fantasies, and people that must be assimilated to society,  and otherwise…  but this isn’t true;  children are God’s prized & cherished gifts that radiate His compassion and  embody truth. We must always protect the innocent and the vulnerable so the dark forces cannot taint them. It’s time for the conscious beings, as we are,  to not only be the teacher, but to  actively listen to the wisdom of children, animals,  and plants, therefore playing the student and treasuring their vast divinity.

When I connect with your essence during a reiki session I channel my unconditional love for you and thank you for being a part of my life and journey.  I appreciate all life and make it a goal everyday to live by Gokai and the principles of the Law of One habitually to embody a true and blissful lifestyle.  I hope to be a source of inspiration so we can all live harmoniously and transcend to the higher realms and dimensions!

Here is my favorite site that breaks down the Law of One into more understanding:
1. Lisa Renee

Energetic Synthesis, The Law of One- Lisa Renee

2. Here’s another great one:


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