Reiki in the Garden- SunShower Power

SO , a few minutes ago I decided to take out the dogs and in the meantime channel some healing while in the garden, since being directly outside expedites my connection to Reiki with the beauty and essence of Mother Gaia.

As I sat down in the chair and focused on channeling the energy, I could not quite tell what I was improving in the garden, however, because of my trust in the Divine, continued to prolong the treatment. To summarize, my intentions were to bring myself and the garden to optimum strength with the invocation of Saint Germaine, whom I enjoy channeling, and his blessings of light, love, and full recovery with the Violet Flame.

Within 3 minutes, as I continued to breathe life back and forth into Gaia and my essence, I felt a single rain drop on my left knee.  I continued the process and then felt another single rain drop on my right thigh.  Soon, only within a minute later, a sun shower out of nowhere poured  down it’s divine refreshing droplets all over myself and the yard. Random synchronicity!? Gaia is always listening and She comes forth fully with appreciation and love when we trust and protect her… I was ecstatic! This is the first time the divine has sent rain to my garden while I was performing treatment, so I embraced this mystical moment and the answers to my prayers.

I experience this for myself and can share these types of experiences with your truest being, guided by our Angels and higher selves. This is bliss!

My mom soon walked outside and was stunned! I told her, “I can make it rain! ” Haha  . And of course, mom being mom said, “Ok, now make it rain millions of dollars!”


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